Saturday, 12 December 2009

The adobe experiment (Premiere Pro, After Effects)

Well, the thing with the current project is to experiment with as many technologies as possible! So when I finished my blob-recognition software in Max/Jitter as well as the graphics' projection according to it, I thought of adding something more to my project, since that would allow me to try even more technologies.

Firstly I thought of Java externals for my Max/Jitter application, and since I found the Koch Snowflake implemented in Java I tried to make a so-called patcher to use in my application. That wasn't easy at all, as Max/MSP/Jitter has very bad support so I decided to postpone fractals for the next term, because I'm also interested to study the Maths related to them in depth.

Rave in my head
And then I thought of a video ! In that way the informal trade with Craig selling Silverlight for video editing, played a major role, so after the Awesome lessons Craig gave me I ended up with the video below. If everything goes well the installation will have the title "Rave in my head"; Rave for ravensbourne as well as for enthusiasm mixed with insanity, since it hasn't been a long time since I started finding my way in the college (where am I, who are all these people, what am I doing here exactly, what am I supposed to do etc.)

Rave in my head video from F.J. Valeonti on Vimeo.

With this video, the list of the technologies I dealt with was increased by the number of 2:
> Adobe Premiere Pro for montage
> Adobe After Effects for effects on the video

And now?.. I'm praying that the building thing of the installation will go well.

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