Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Multi-Touch Water

Last week I explained my concept to Martin and somehow with his hints and some work this project turned to be much more interesting than it looked like from my research on multi-touch screens. The concept will be as explained in the previous post with only difference that for screen instead of acrylic we will use water. I've been working on various stuff since then and finally my steps will be:

 1   Build software that recognizes blobs.
 2   Build software that projects a video composition which responds to the user's blobs.
 3  Build the sink with the IR lights (Many thanks to Ikbal for them!)
 4  Modify the PS3 Eye camera to read only IR light.
 5  Add the semi-transparent projection foil and the projector.
 6  Calibrate so the projection fits the user's input.

I'm currently at number 2. If it wasn't for a Quicktime Update (?!) I would probably be much further than that.

Now, firstly I'll try to make a simple functional software so I can go on with the construction and when I am done with it I'll return to enhance the projection software.

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