Wednesday, 16 December 2009


These are some notes of stuff I shouldn't leave out of my presentation of the multi-touch water project:

note 1. The wooden frame was the hardest part and I didn't took a picture of it because I was FED-UP with it.

note 2. Thanks list:
> Ikbal [IR LED lights]
> Andy Buckland  [helped me with the LED ribbon]
> Shane [how to stick very thin acrylic pieces together]
> Alex Hulse [how to create a wooden picture frame]
> Alan Gardner [helped me with the wooden picture frame]
> Varun [hosting my installation]
> Suki [help with the cloth to keep the inner of the installation dark]
> Rave's IT department for a floppy!

It was my christmas present from them to me! =) After 1 day of searching and asking, receiving answers like "There isn't any floppy left in Rave or anyway order it from e-bay.." I finally made it. Someone suggested me to ask in the IT dept. and so I did,. and one of the IT guys there had a box of floppies on his desk !!! I mean, he uses them in daily basis? that was a moment for happiness for me. But all the people there.. it felt like home to me; computers' people.

note 3. Cost:
> Burned my finger, cut a piece of hair because of glue, cried (for the wooden frame..).

note 4. What to improve in the next project:
> time management, though I think I couldn't have done better for this project in this period of time.
> "Taking risks" and "not being afraid to fail" requires very strong nerves.
> Avoid wooden constructions.
> Take into consideration "Opening Hours" of departments I'm planning to use.

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