Friday, 27 November 2009

Digital Greenwich .-

Yesterday was the final presentation of Digital Greenwich. I wasn't satisfied it's a fact but I know that if I wanted to be proud for this project/presentation I should have done 10 times of what already did. Which I think was already more than my part anyway. Was it worthy (the angst and the time) to take this project personally? I gave it a chance TBH, to give my 100% so the presentation could be spectacular but didn't work. When it's 8 people, you cannot control it. Also, it's hard when you have to deal with people from different areas, a different way of thinking; many times we couldn't even understand each other. In my Bachelor degree it was much easier to communicate. Maybe because we were all from the same field.. we shared the same way of thinking or what. Am I glad that it's over? Yes I am.

Vamos Greenwich
Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Luke, Mr. Shaun's assistant, with the research I did around their council website, the review and suggestions for improvement (compared to other London's council-websites). Today Luke replied that he found it really interesting and they'll probably use it somehow and that made me fill a bit better about Digital Greenwich. He also said they really appreciated what we all did for their borough in general. In the end, maybe we Did (!) something for Greenwich.

Obladi oblada, life goes on lalala
My real concern about this project yesterday was that my mood, my temper to be good in my studies and all, was so screwed. =/ Thankfully Martin didn't waste time and introduced us to the next project. That helped me find my motivation for the course again.. Also Victor and I we've been thinking seriously, to improve our Mojaic project, as it's not much what we need to do, so it gets a good grade. I'm pissed off with C+ anyway! Obladi oblada life goes on lalalala and my individual project is (as Victor says) wicked !!!!!! =)

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